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"Celebrate the Vision" - A Musical, 26 April 2009
Posted 4 May 2009
The "sermon" for the Sunday morning service 26 April 2009 was the musical "Celebrate the Vision", music by Allen Pote, lyrics by Carole McCann.

Featuring a cast of Summerlea folks and friends, the musical is a rollicking, toe-tapping, highly enjoyable way to hear the Christian message.

"Celebrate the Vision"
Music by
Allen Pote
Lyrics by
Carole McCann

    1. Celebrate the Vision.
    Leaders: Sue McKenzie and John Osborne

    2. Ask, Seek, Knock.

    3. Antiphon I.

    4. Nicodemus.
    Solos: Janet Smart, Michelle McKenzie, Dominique Reid and Meaghan Ashley Luttrell, Jeannine Morin, Jane Percy, Marion Golden

    5. Antiphon II.

    6. Ballad of the Sower.
    Solos: Mary Guynan, Selga Vitols, Janet Smart
    Narrator: Susan Ippersiel

    7. Parables.

    8. Antiphon III.
    Narrator: Marion Golden

    9. The Good Samaritan.
    Solos: David Pryce, John Osborne, Howard Clark
    Narrator: Janet Smart

    10. Do Unto Others.
    Solo: Michèle Bitauld

    11. Celebrate the Vision (Reprise)

Just about everyone in this musical has a line to say or a solo to sing.
So here is the cast in alphabetical order, with a few cameos highlighted:
    Michèle Bitauld
    Howard Clark
    Philip Freud - Sower, man on road, robber
    Marion Golden
    Mary Guynan
    Susan Ippersiel
    Meaghan Luttrell
    Cassandra McKenzie - Jesus, Good Samaritan
    Michelle McKenzie - Levite
    Susan McKenzie - Leader
    Leslie McEwen
    Jeannine Morin
    John Osborne - Leader
    John Palmater - Nicodemus, priest
    Jane Percy
    David Pryce
    Dominique Reid
    Janet Smart
    Selga Vitols

    Musical Director: Connie Osborne
    Stage Director: Howard Clark
    Musicians: Lee Heppner - Bass, Kate Miller - Drums, Ann Sutton - Piano
    Costumes props, sets and back stage crew: Kim Roy, Ann Trenholm, Elisabeth & Natalie Wightman
    Puppet and Masks: Howard Clark, Tracy Fequette, Patrick and Philip Freud
    Videographer: Jacob Osborne
Many thanks to George Provias for his assistance in set up and clean up and for obtaining the disco ball.

The photos on this page were taken at the dress rehearsals Saturday. On Sunday, with a full house to cheer them on, the cast were even more upbeat, and a grand time was had by all.

Between rehearsals Saturday, the cast presented Howard
with a birthday card to celebrate his very important birthday.
Howard responded by demonstrating that we are only as old as we feel.

Summerlea Music Director Connie Osborne directed.

Musicians Kate Miller (drums), Lee Heppner (base) and Ann Sutton (piano)
kept the toe-tapping beat.

Costumes, props & backstage crew:
Elisabeth & Nathalie Wightman, Kim Roy & Ann Trenholm.

Leaders John Osborne & Susan McKenzie (centre) are helped by
Cassandra McKenzie, Selga Vitols, Marion Golden, Meaghan Luttrell,
Philip Freud & David Pryce as they call the cast from the pews to celebrate.

The Story of Nicodemus, whose sight was restored.
Solos by Janet Smart, Michelle McKenzie, Domique Reid & Meaghan Ashley Luttrell,
Jane Percy, Jeanine Morin & Marion Golden, Michèle Bitauld.

Charades by John Osborne & Susan McKenzie
to discover Christian principles.
Joined by Jeanine Morin, Marion Golden, Michèle Bitauld & Howard Clark.

The Ballad of the Sower
Sower Philip Freud
Solos by Mary Guynan, Selga Vitols, Janet Smart
Narrator Susan Ippersiel

Parable Narrator Marion Golden

The Good Samaritan

A masked robber (Philip Freud) leaves his victim by the roadside.
A priest and a Leavite come by but are too busy to care.

Then along comes a Samaritan on a donkey, and carries the victim for help.
Janet Smart is the narrator.

Michèle Bitauld sings Do Unto Others, and is soon
joined by Susan McKenzie & John Osborne and others.

Finale and bows.

Following the Sunday presentation, cakes cut by
Undeg Edwards greeted the players and the throng.

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