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Earth Sunday with Chief Topleaf at Summerlea 18 April 2010
Posted 19 April, 2010
April 18 2010 was Earth Sunday, and Summerlea's guest of honour was Chief Topleaf, Iroquois, who shared with us some of the wisdom of the Mohawk people with respect to Mother Earth and to each other.

Also featured was a beautiful presentation of the song "The Lone Wild Bird" by Summerlea's songtress / guitarist Leslie Field, accompanied by husband Keith on Alto and recorder.

Following are some photos of the event. You can pick it to see a larger version, then pick Back on your browser to return to this page. Unfortunately, our photos of Leslie and Keith are too blurred to post.

Chief Topleaf joined the choir on drum for the introit,
"Many and Great, O God, are thy Works"
2010 Chief Topleaf 2010 Chief Topleaf

He had with him some of the animals which symbolize the ancient wisdom.
2010 Chief Topleaf 2010 Chief Topleaf

In his talk he mentioned the beaver as a symbol of providing
for one's family, the otter to remind us that fun is
necessary, the marmot that stands up to predators
by its squeal. He mentioned geese that must be allowed to
rejuvenate their families each year, and ducks that are
never killed for food.
2010 Chief Topleaf 2010 Chief Topleaf 2010 Chief Topleaf 2010 Chief Topleaf 2010 Chief Topleaf 2010 Chief Topleaf

Our thanks to Chief Topleaf, to Leslie and Keith, and to
Connie and the choir for reminding us of our responsibilities
to each other and to Mother Earth.
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