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Summerlea Bazaar 2011, Pg. 1 - Setup

The 2011 Summerlea bazaar took place Saturday November 19, 2011. The weather was cloudy and relatively mild. Inside, the ambience was festive and warm, and a good time was had by all. The finance committee reports that it was financially successful as well.

Many thanks from the Summerlea family to all those who participated in ways too numerous to tell.

Special thanks to Nancy Mark and Sinclair Harris for acting as coordinators once again. And to Kate and Tom Smart who directed (and did) the setup of tables, chairs, etc. on Thursday. And to The Rodd family, who set up the books before the bazaar as well as organizing and allocating all the stuff that arrived on the stage as bazaar donations, running the White Elephant boutique and cleaning up afterwards (the stage has rarely looked so neat as it did Monday after the bazaar).

Thanks to George Provias and John Hendery, who set up the country store and installed the festive lighting early Thursday morning and put it all away Monday morning.

Thanks also to the Summerlea Youth Group, Guides, Scouts, and leaders, and students of Lakeside Academy, who helped by setting up tables and books, serving in the lunch room and putting everything away after the bazaar, so the church and halls were spick and span for Sunday morning.

You can pick on the small photos below to see larger versions. To return here pick Back on your browser. (The photos were not posed, so do not necessarily show folks at their best.)

In order to speed up reponse time the 2011 bazaar report has been split into four pages:
    2011 Bazaar Pg 1 - Setup (this page)
    2011 Bazaar Pg 2 - Bazaar day final preparations
    2011 Bazaar Pg 3 - Bazaar day
    2011 Bazaar Pg 4 - More Bazaar day & after

Thursday Morning Setup
When the snap-shooter arrived Thursday morning, the books were already set up in the sanctuary,
and George and John were putting together the country store.
Bazaar 2011 Bazaar 2011 Bazaar 2011

The tables in the Treats & Treasures room were set up
and the floor of the Toy room (parlour) was protected with cardboard.
Bazaar 2011 Bazaar 2011 Bazaar 2011 Bazaar 2011

Tom and friends were setting up tables in the Lunch room.
Bazaar 2011 Bazaar 2011

By now the Country Store was ready to be raised, with the
help of several folks who waited while John connected the supports.
Bazaar 2011 Bazaar 2011 Bazaar 2011 Bazaar 2011 Bazaar 2011

Then John & George proceeded to decorate the store and put up Christmas lights.
Bazaar 2011 Bazaar 2011 Bazaar 2011 Bazaar 2011

The stage awaited the Rodd family magic to be turned into a White Elephant boutique.
Bazaar 2011

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