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Happy 75th Dave Pryce July 3, 2011
Posted 4 July, 2011
At the July 3 Sunday service, Rev. Scott asked all members of the choir who were present to come up front for a brief musical presentation. Looking perplexed, some ten folks went up front to stand in front of the communion table. Among them was Dave Pryce. Scott then announced that it was Dave's 75th birthday, so the choir was invited to lead us in "Happy Birthday". Scott then announced that the refreshments after the service would be in Acadia Hall, rather than on the lawn, because Dave's wife, Catherine, had a birthday cake there for all to enjoy.

The snap shooter did not get his act in gear to snap the Happy Birthday song, but here are some shots of the cake and eaters.

Dave Pryce 75th, June 28, 2011 Dave Pryce 75th, June 28, 2011 Dave Pryce 75th, June 28, 2011
The cake, with Catherine serving and Dave looking over her shoulder.
He got a piece eventually.

Happy birthday, Dave!

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