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Updated May 30, 2012

Raising The Roof!! -- Auction Day at Summerlea

Organized by Chairwoman Sheila Hebert and M.C.'d by auctioneer Len Dupuis,
Summerlea was buzzing Saturday, May 12, in yet another fundraising event.
And, of course, there was an army of unsung helpers in the background -- movers, sorters, set-up folk, cooks, displayers.
And let's not forget the generous donations from Church members and many from the wider cummunity.

Click on pictures below to view the larger version.

From furniture old and new and big and small to handmade quilts to Odds & Sods without end to fine crockery and glasswares and linens -- all was up for grabs.

Thursday and Friday were filled with organizing and setting up.

Above we see auctioneer Len Dupuis helping with assessing and prioritizing the bewildering array of Big and Small.
An Enormous Thank-You is due to Len who unselfishly donated his time and expertise.

All for Summerlea Church (and its roof).

Here we see a few shots of the action on Auction Day.

And it is NOT a Summerlea event if there is no Kitchen Brigade.

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