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Updated July 17, 2012

Painting Bee!!

There was a good old-fashioned Painting Bee this June at Summerlea as Acadia Hall was given a much needed facelift in the form of two coats of paint.

The workforce consisted entirely of volunteers from the congregation under the able foremanship of Euan Crabb and was done over two hot and muggy days in late June.

Unfortunately, being new at this (miss you Bill!) I didn't make a note of all who helped out and can only say that at the peak of the activity there were at least fifteen of the women and men of Summerlea giving and working cheerfully.

Truly - a community at its Best!

Following is a selection of pictures from the event but unfortunately many that volunteered were missed out.
I was, after all, pretty busy covering myself with white paint!

(Click on a picture to view its larger version.)

From L. to R we see Richard Hebert, Euan Crabb & George Provias, Brian Maklan, David Coffin and Mel Cockhill.
Mel is painting so fast that you can't even see his hands!!!!!

Above it's plain to see thatJeanine, Ian Mark and Mel were on loan from the "Flying Wallendas" for the job.
Who needs a scaffold when you've got these three!

Here we can see Nancy Mark, Richard, Ian and John Osborne.

Euan Crabb, George, Nancy, Ruth Crabb.

Once again, my apologies for all the names that were left out in this presentation.
Thank-you to the folks of Summerlea for once again proving that the institution "Church" is really only the people there.

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