Thank you Shirley Ellison

Once again, Shirley's lovely display helps to remind us all of the natural bounty we enjoy.

And for which we so often forget to be Truly Thankful.

-- Click on the pictures to enlarge --

Making Thanksgiving even more special this year was having Jeff Barlow taking part in the service.
Above we see him and Scott presiding over communion.
Even more welcome was the news that Jeff has contracted to deliver Pastoral Care one day a week.
A wonderful addition and help for Scott and all of us.

Yet another surprise was a visit from Scott's brother Philip up from the Townships.
He is seen above with his wife, daughter and daughter's boyfriend.

As a special treat, our choir, though short several members, still managed a bit of magic with
Arise and Sing by D.&J. Perry.
Thank you!
Just right click on the link and choose "Open in new tab" and enjoy!

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