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Last updated 27.10.2012

Tourtieres -- October 2012

The last day of Tourtiere Production starts "bright" and EARLY
just before 5 A.M. on a Saturday morning.
Below we see Brian Macklan and Scott Patton manning the paddles.


After a few hours David Pryce and Brian launch the Cooling The Meat Process in the Sanctuary.
Then Undeg, Janet, Bonnie and Scott join in for
Row, row, row your pot, Gently down the Sanctuary!


An hour of "Active Coolling" gives ways to filling the pie shells. Above can be seen Jane, Undeg, Bonnie and Michele.
Could that be a tapestry of the Last Supper behind the women?
Is that OK?

And then, of course, it's "Boxing Day"......

And finally..... Some of the Happy Crew As things start to wind down.
From L. to R. are Undeg, Marion, Nancy, David, Brian, David, Scott.

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