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Another Year -- Another White Gift Sunday

There are gifts and then there are gifts.
Below we see Isabelle Quevillon and Joey Madden with
the most special and precious of blessed gifts.

We all join to welcome Dreyken.

May the Lord bless thee and keep thee.
And be gracious unto thee.

Joey and Isabelle were married here at Summerlea in October of last year.
You can Click Here to revisit a few pictures Bill took of their wedding.

And then of course there were other gifts...

Generous donations of food and Christmas gifts were assembled from the congragation
to be delivered later to the food bank at the Resurrection of Our Lord church in Lachine.

Thank you to Terry Jones who we see below accepting a donation of $1,000.00 from
Summerlea United to be delivered by Terry to the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Lachine Branch.
May we always remember those less fortunate than ourselves.

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