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St. Andrew'a United Communion Artifacts 6 May 2012
Posted 7 May 2012
At the Summerlea communion service 6 May 2012, the communion wine was served from Communion servers inherited by Summerlea from her parent congregation, St. Andrew's United Church.
St. Andrew's was Presbyterian in the early 1900's when it created the Summerlea mission in western Lachine. In 1914, Summerlea became an independent Presbyterian congregation and in 1925 both congregations joined the United Church of Canada. Some of the Presbyterian members remained Presbyterian as St. Andrew's Presbyterian church until they joined Summerlea in 2005.
In December 2011, St. Andrew's United Church closed its doors for the last time and the congregation left everything in the church. In April 2012 other churches were invited to take what they could use from the St. Andrew's equipment. Among other artifacts taken by Summerlea were the communion servers used in the May 6 communion service. Some former St. Andrew's United members who were at this service said they had never seen these servers used, but presumably ancestors of some members of the three congregations represented at this Summerlea service would have used them.

St. Andrew's United Communion Service Artifacts 6 May 2012
The wine glasses are contained in round covered wooden trays.

St. Andrew's United Communion Service Artifacts 6 May 2012
The wine glasses have a shape with a sort of spout on one side, and a
large bottom (which does not fit in the glass holders in the Summerlea pews).

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