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Pineapple Parade for the Paters

Pineapple: "In the scientific binomial Ananas comosus, ananas, the original name of the fruit,
comes from the Tupi word nanas, meaning 'excellent fruit'."

From this day forth, Father's Day means Pineapple -- Excellent Fruit!
Much to celebrate: Communion, Scott's birthday (sshhhhhh...) and Father's Day.
Scott went a step beyond this week with a gift for each of the men present: a pineapple for each of the man with everything but nothing to eat it with!

Not a father himself, Scott spoke to us of what Father's Day meant to him: a reminder to be a mentor to younger men to help them (and ourselves!) to become even better men.
Hear, Hear!
And thnk you Scott. For everything.

And, of course, no Sunday would be complete
without the support of our Choir.
Here they offer their beautiful support to Communion
with the lovely Come to the Feast by Mary Kay Beall.
The perfect complement (and compliment) to the Open Table.

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