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"Malice in the Palace" - The Musical.
April 28 and May 4 and May 8 (at West Island Manor), 2013

We Laughed, we Cried, we Learned -- all Good!

As has happened several times in the past in the Spring - now almost a Summerlea tradition -
there was a special service.
After the Call to Worship and a Gathering Prayer and the Offering the Bulletin read simply:

We Listen for God's Word

Malice in the Palace: The Story of Esther

Words and lyrics by Tom S. Long and Allen Pote

What followed was a wonderful interpretation in word and song of the Book of Esther from the Hebrew Scriptures
by composer Allen Pote and Lyricist Tom Long.

The woman responsible for the vision, production and direction of Malice in the Palace was
Summerlea's own musical director, Connie Osborne.
And what a show!

Special thanks to Kevin McKenzie and Linda Rodrigues for most of the pictures in the following pages. All others are my fault alone.

Any comments (mistakes? omissions?), suggestions, additions to these "Malice" pages are welcome by email at Comments.

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