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Last updated 14-3-2013

- The Rockers Return -

Rock-A-Thon 2013

Once again the youth of Summerlea United have gotten out the Rocking Chairs, rounded up the pledges, and Rocked Away for 24 hours - this year (as last) in support of the Dan La Rue project.

The Parlour was taken over by Summerlea Youth on Saturday March 2 for another fundraising Rock-a-Thon.
From noon Saturday till noon Sunday at least two-at-a-time were rocking for dollars. Shift work!

The Scene Saturday Evening: the Rodd girls take a shift while the movies roll.
Rock-a-Thon 2013 Rock-a-Thon 2013 Rock-a-Thon 2013
By Sunday morning it's getting tougher - and quieter!
Rock-a-Thon 2013 Rock-a-Thon 2013

The Rockers join the service Sunday morning.
Jacob thanks the congregation for their support
and announces that by their efforst they were able to raise $716 for Dans La Rue.
Congratualations and a THANK-YOU to the group!
Rock-a-Thon 2013Rock-a-Thon 2013 Rock-a-Thon 2013

Prepared by Susan and Kevin McKenzie, the group is served breakfast in Acadia Hall after the service
while Cassandra continues to collect more donations.
Rock-a-Thon 2013

A very special thank-you is due to Susan and Kevin Mckenzie.
They provided all the food and snacks.
And Kevin remained present and active throughout the 24 hour event.
Above and Beyond the Call!

After the clean-up is complete Cassandra begins her recovery!!

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