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A Baptism and a Barbecue

September 21, 2014

Jeff Barlow was present this Sunday to officiate at the Baptism of William Caporuscio. Parents May Parent and Francis Caporuscio knew Jeff from their previous association with St. Andrew's United Church and requested his prescence. Needless to say, Jeff was pleased to oblige.

Moving clockwise around the pictures we first see Barbara Moffat introducing the parents to the congregation; Baby William with his parents and Godparents and their children gather around Jeff; following we see two vials of tap water transormed into Holy Water by the children clasping them tightly whilst pronouncing a silent blessing and distributing the vials to the congregation who in turn hold the vials for a silent blessing. Finally the baptism is performed and William is presented to the congregation.

Is there a better way to follow-up a Baptism than by staging a welcome back Barbecue?
Of course not!
Many thanks to our fearless leader Scott Patton for organizing this year's BBQ.
Cool and wet weather couldn't stop us -- only move the operation indoors while a few brave souls cooked under a tent.
Manning the grills were Kevin M., John O., David P. and George P.
In fact, I was so caught up in the action that I forgot to take any pictures until it was almost too late!
At the last moment I quickly snapped a few before it all wound down for another year.
See you in Church!

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