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Tourtières 2014

Stage One: Four Days and 2,600 Mini Tourtières

It takes a lot of meat (150 pounds each cooking day in 5 BIG pots) and a LOT of stirring to cook enough meat for 2600 mini-pies.
It's tough,hard work.But someone's gotta do it. And we gotta have fun.
So we did both!

And, of course, several hundred pounds of meat are useless without a place to put them!
The pie shells were made earlier in the year and frozen. This week, pie tops had to be produced. Hence, dough that had been made earlier and frozen is thawed, sheets rolled out and 2,600 plus tops cut from them.
The shells are filled with cooled meat, tops applied and crimped and then completed pies are boxed four at a time and frozen.
Phew! Busy time!

Stage Two: Three days for the Large Pies

The Last Day has arrived! The last batch of meat was cooked on Friday and we meet Saturday morning to finish the last 165 large tourtières. The "Holy Rollers" are fast at work rolling out the last hundred plus pie tops whilst the pie crusts (made earlier and frozen) are filled, weighed so that none is LESS THAN 20 ounces (No Skimping Allowed!!), meat spread out, tops applied, edges crimped and trimmed, finished pies boxed and finally freezer space found and packed with wonderful Summerlea Tourtières.
What a Production Line. Henry Ford: Eat your heart out!

In these last two pix we can see Nancy look up in disbelief and Barbara about to collapse when told:
This is It. The Last Pies are Done.

How on Earth will we fill our time now?

Many people are involved at various stages, times and days and thanks go out to
Mary G., Marion G., Barbara C., Sinclair H., Danielle B. and Shawn, Sheila H., Scott P., Richard L., Undeg & Iwan E., Connie & John O., Janet S., Bonnie M., Nancy & Ian M., Jane P., Dave P. and George P.
Thank you! Gentlemen and Gentlewomen.
P.S. I have most probably left one or more out due to my faulty memory! My apologies.

Don't hestitate to comment or correct me below.

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