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Anniversary Dinner and Variety Show

February 8, 2014.

Another year -- yet another Anniversary!
This year marks sixty two years for Summerlea United.
(And I think I may be catching up!)

To quote the menu (so lovingly prepared by Marion & Paul):
The Anniversary Dinner was presented by those lovely ladies (and a few men who shall be nameless) who measured, mixed, stirred and cooked.
Thanks to all.

(And who doesn't like home cooked pork stew with harvest veggies
followed by homemade Apple Crisp with ice cream??
Point him out and I'll talk to him!)
The organizer and driving force behind the Show was
Music Director Connie O.
Not to mention her all important Musical Accompaniments.
Thanks Connie!

A great deal of planning & preparation is involved.
Planning & setting up of Acadia Hall.
Summit conferences in the kitchen.
Caroline and Richard have trained for weeks
in order to man the door and take tickets!

Folks arrive, kitchen is in full swing.
Scott delivers grace and the all important instructions of how to get fed in a timely fashion!
And we're off!
The church may not be going to the dogs but the dogs are indeed going to the Church!
Here we can see Harriet Schleifer and Kim Blatherwick with performers Whiskey (the sheltie) and Soda (the something).
Both dogs are taking their masters through training in the Pet Therapy program.
Within minutes they will make their stage debut!

You've really got your money's worth when the show opens with an animal act!
Where's Ed Sullivan?
The show opens and Whiskey and Soda are both nervous since this is a blind date
and everything had to be that little Extra Special.

After the "Puppy Love" the audience was favoured with an original compositionby Carolyn Davis. Her life-affirming song "What Most in the World Makes Us Glad to be Living" featured audience participation! Interspersed within Carolyn's song was the audience singing parts of the spiritual "I've Got Peace Like a River" (familiar to the Church congregation).
You can read the text of Carolyn's song:
After Carolyn came a skit narrated by Elizabeth W. and Barbara C.
and acted by Nathalie and Shawn.
The "Warm Fuzzies" were under threat of extinction in the village of this fold tale.

Following the quiet folk tale we all had to hang on to our hats as
the Dynamic Duo of Jeaninne M. and Leslie M. let loose
with a foot stompin' rendition of the C & W classic "Delta Dawn".
The crowd went crazy!

Calming us down was Story Time with our very own short story author Sheila H.
and another original story suffused with Sheila's quiet and gentle humour.
This time it was "The Sweet Smells of Christmas or 'Quelle est cette odeur agréable?'"
We don't deserve her.
The spell cast by Sheila's reading was broken by John O. on flute and vocal accompanied by Connie with the old thirties' rouser "Makin' Whoopee."

And, of course, I wouldn't be much of a show without a flock of Mumbo Jumbos.
This year Undeg,Marion, Mary, Sheila, Nancy and Bonnie taught us all how to make the famous Sticky Buns.
Not a dry eye in the house.
I'm just glad I was on before them and not after.

Sadly, there were no pix of the last two acts.
Jeannine M., Leslie M. and Susan M. recreated the 1964 hit "Leader of the Pack" by the Shangri-Las to wild acclaim.
Finally, the show was closed by a reprise of last year's musical show "Malice in the Palace" song "This is the Day" delivered by as many of the cast as were able to come.
Nobody went home feeling cheated!!

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