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Anniversary Dinner

February 7, 2015

It was a small but ENTHUSIASTIC crowd for this year's dinner.
Scott Patton himself was the Chef-du-Jour for a terrific Spaghetti fest with his secret 'SPatton' sauce and Ceasar salad.
We ate it up!

After a Do-It-Yourself ice cream sundae dessert: the Main Event.
The piano was wheeled into the the group and Connie opened her song book and song sheets were distributed.
'Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue' got everyone's blood pumping.
What followed ran the gamut from 'Cabaret' to 'Danny Boy' to 'Those Were The Days' to 'You Are My Sunshine' to 'Moon River'
And Beyond!!!
We even have evidence that John Coffin sang - imagine!

And Connie found the perfect way to close an evening of Food, Wine and Song (except for the wine) as we all sang "Thanks For The Memory."
(Who could ever forget Bob Hope and Shirley Ross singing it in the "Big Broadcst of 1938.")
Again next year? Shall we?

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