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Taizé Worship Comes to Summerlea

November 10, 2015

Taizé Community
(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The Taizé Community is an ecumenical monastic order in Taizé,
Saône-et-Loire, Burgundy, France.
It is composed of more than one hundred brothers, from Catholic and Protestant traditions,
who originate from about thirty countries across the world.
It was founded in 1940 by Brother Roger Schütz,
a Reformed Protestant...
...The community has become one of the world's most important sites
of Christian pilgrimage. Over 100,000 young people
from around the world make pilgrimages to Taizé
each year for prayer, Bible study, sharing, and communal work.
Through the community's ecumenical outlook,
they are encouraged to live in the spirit of kindness,
simplicity and reconciliation...

Taizé cross

At 7 p.m., in a darkened sanctuary, twenty seven or eight folks (not all from Summerlea) gathered for a meditative time of silence, prayer, and chant-like participatory music.
The only light was from the dozens of tiny candles (and the piano light).
All was designed to encourage a thoughtful, introspective, and meditative, prayerful community experience.

And it was a great success.
The pictures here were taken before the start and after the preparation of the sanctuary.
The planning and execution of this wonderful experience
was thanks to the joint efforts of Connie and Scott.

So many positive comments were received that Scott & Connie hae planned
another such service in December.
Keep an eye out on the website (and church bulletin) for news.

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