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Summerlea Carolers!

December 19, 2015

The Bayview Center

As in years gone by, a sizeable group of Summerlea Carolers took their Christmas Spirit outside our walls.
Twenty of us sang ourselves hoarse at four different locations:
The Bayview Center, Pointe Claire; the Floralies and the Belvedere Residences, Lachine; and the Camille Lefebvre long-term facility also in Lachine.
The pictures in this tableau are from the various floors visited in the Bayview Center.

And we met some Old Friends:

At the Camille Lefebvre long term care facility we met Lewis Guynan! To the left you can see us all (except me!) gathered around Mary & Lewis for a photo-op.
And then it was on to the Belvedere where we saw several Summelea congregants including Audrey Kent. Audrey can be seen to the left with her daughter Avril.

All tuckered out after A LOT of singing we retired for a good old fashioned Pot Luck
supper as guests in the home of Roy & Linda Rodd.
Thanks for all the hospitality, folks.

We'll be back next year - JOIN US!!!

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