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Candlelight Service

Sunday, December 9, 2015

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The choir warms up in St. Andrew's hall.
The Candlelight Service at Summerlea has always been a favourite of the congregation and the community.
This year was no exception.
Many thanks to organizer Ruth Heim,
choir director Connie Osborne
and the Summerlea Choir with special guests Dik Harris, Brad Moffat and Jean Stuart.

And, of course, all the Summerlea bakers and helpers.

Acadia Hall is ready for the reception.

"Arise! Ye sleepers,
Awake from the night.
Come see the Saviour's everlasting light..."

Arise !

(Joseph Martin)

"Lullay, thou little tiny Child,
By-bye lully, lullay..."

The Coventry Carol

(arr. John Leavitt)

Luke 2, Verses 1 - 20

Read by Michelle
Cassandra McKenzie


Reflection by guest speaker
Rev. David Clinker.

Such a Babe, In Such a Place

Dans Cette Etable

(arr. Gounod)

Let me hold the tiny baby,
Let me watch him for the night,
In a manger, gently sleeping,
Mary close by his side...

Tiny Infant King
(Kristen Allred)
Willie, bring your little drum.
Robin get your flute and come.
Pat - a - pat - a pan.
On these instruments you'll play.
We shall listen as you play
For a joyful Christmas day...

Pat - a - Pan / Fum, Fum
(arr. Philip Kern)

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