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Welcome Back Barbecue!

September 20, 2015

We have been 'back' since the end of September.
Now we are really back.

We've had the BBQ!

What better theme for a "welcome back" service than the connections amongst us all.
And in the Church the thing that connects us all is Baptism.
We have all (almost?!) been baptized.
As people arrived for worship they were each given a strip of paper and a marker.
Each person wrote their name on the strip.
The strips became rings. The rings became a chain: the Chain that binds us.
Thus, we all were all woven together.

It was a service filled with Joy and Song.
Here we see Sue M. and Connie O. leading us all in...
You'll never guess...

"Skidamarink a-dink, a-dink,
Skidamarink a-doo,
I love you."

Wonderful! Wonderful!

Should we forget.
There was a FREE lunch for all afterward!
Hamburgers, hotdogs and all the fixings.
Doesn't get any better!
Due to the unexpectantly cool day some folks
took there food & fun indoors
to Acadia Hall.

And now for something completely different!
As I was putting the piano to bed after the BBQ this lovely couple wandered into the sanctuary and we got to talking.
And now I reveal my failing memory!
I waited too long before getting these pictures onto the website and, for the life of me, I cannot remember their names.
Why on earth would I ever have written their names down?

Anyhow, I will have to call the woman 'Jane' (as in Jane Doe).
Jane and her husband were in town (from, I think, Brampton Ontario) to attend a reunion of Jane's graduating class (class of '57 I think) from the old Lachine High School and Jane was showing her husband around her old stompin' grounds.
The 'old grounds' included Summerlea Church which Jane attended back when the Reverend MacFarlane and then Tom Miles were the ministers.
It turned out that Jane's sister was the very first woman to be married at the then new fiftieth avenue version of Summerlea United Church.
And why did I take this particular picture you ask? Well, those of you who know Summerlea well will recognize the plaque near the minister's office.
It depicts a short essay (The White Oak Acorn Story) by the late Russ-the-Tree-Man-Ransberry, so fondly remembered by all Summerlea congregants who 'go back a bit.'
It turns out that Russ was Jane's much-loved father-in-law by her first husband.

If any of you recognize 'Jane' please let me know!!

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