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Sacrament of Holy Baptism

of Audrey Ann Lambert,
daughter of Jenny and Philip Lambert and sister of Nolan

February 15, 2015

Baptisms are always nice!
This day, Marion Golden introduced the congregation to Jenny and Philip Lambert who have asked that their baby Audrey Ann be baptized.
Although not active members now, Jenny's family have had a long association with Summerlea through marriage and baptism.
Jeff Barlow officiated as Scott was away for his annual Study Week.

Here we see Jeff with two bottls of ordinary tap water which are then made special by Jeff having them passed around the congregation. Each person then holds the bottle and says a silent blessing for Audry Ann.
The now blessed water is poured by Godparents into the Baptismal font.

The ceremony is concluded when a very adorable Audrey Ann is introduced to the congregation by Jeff.

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