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A Cold Welcome Back!

January 4, 2015

My mother had an expression for something that was a rare occurance:
"That will be a Frosty Friday that I ....."

Well, it was indeed a Frosty Sunday that began the Church year. The Church had been closed for the Christmas break and the heat at a bare minimum. Topping it off was a snowstorm the day before to clog the streets and take away easy parking. As a result it was a very small gathering (21 to 25 depending on who you asked) and a shivering welcome back.
The uncharacteristically small choir and congregation all kept their coats on and Connie even wore gloves at the piano for part of the time!
Even so, or perhaps because of the cold and small gathering, it turned out to be a wonderful service and time of fellowship.

Still though, it's nice to be warm!!

P.S. The white object seen to the lower right in the pictures
is in fact a large bucket.
With all the freezing and thawing of the past month,
the outsides started coming inside!
Still, what can you expect from a new roof
if you've only paid some $180,000 (or thereabouts) for it!
Oh my....

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