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Easter Sunday -- 2016

Easter Flowers are placed in the Chancel this Easter morning in loving memory of:

...Esther and Bill Anderson from Dayle Cushen, Marilyn and Bill Stocker;
...Bill Hawke from Marilyn and Susan
...Joanne Loiseau from Mom - Doreen
...Millie from Caroline, Richard, Matthew and Greg
...Gordon Phoenix from Doreen and Joanne
...loved ones from all the Golden's;
...loved ones from the Ellison Family
...Ian, from Mum
...Donald and Wendy from Ruth, Nancy and Ian
...of Nanny, Fred and Betty Cole from the McKenzie Family
...Helen from Mary and Lewis Guynan.

Easter reflection
Scott Patton:

Glimpses of Resurrection

Choir response:

In Christ Alone

Arr. by Mark Hayes

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