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Blessing of the Animals

June 12, 2016

It was a first for Summerlea -- a Blessing of the Animals service.
And what a success!
Extra chairs had to be brought in - always a good sign.

The atmosphere in Acadia Hall was festive as folks socialized and animals roamed before starting our first such worship service.
The proposal for such a service was put forward by Scott who had done several such services in his church past.
I had been quite a skeptic as to the relevance and feasibility of such a service but my doubts were quickly assuaged.
Scott used a music stand for a lectern and Connie a portable keyboard for the music.
I vote to make such a service an annual event.

All the liturgy was centered on the animals of our world their crucial role in our lives and Scott's partner Ron delivered the scripture in his signature storytelling style.

The anthem, All God's Creatures Got a Place in the Choir, was sung a cappella complete with sung sound effects and audience participation. Wow!
Whilst all the nonhuman congregation were dogs, many brought pictures of their pets or other special animals in their lives and Scott had a special individual blessing for each and everyone in the long cavalcade. And I think everyone in the line had their own special story to go along with their animal; Connie & I certainly did.

Some of the Special Guests

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