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Tourtieres 2017

The tradition of our FAMOUS Summerlea meat pies from scratch
continued this year, albeit with reduced numbers.
Still, it took many folks toiling over four days
in late October to produce the four hundred!! large size pies, each with a Full Pound
(yes, that's 16 ounces!) of lovingly cooked meat!

Below are some pictures of the involved folks and the process
(except for the TEDIOUS stirring of the giant pots as I forgot my camera on those days).

The pie dough (made at an earlier date and frozen) is rolled to form tops and bottoms of the individual pies while the cooking continues in the kitchen.
Meanwhile the first cooled batches of meat are spooned into the shells and each is weighed and adjusted to ensure at least one pound of meat per pie.

As the old saying doesn't go:
Many hands make FUN work!

Sad to say, between the Bazaar and the church community, the 400 pies were sold out in short order!

They sold like...Hot Cakes?!
There is always next year.

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