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Sponsored Refugee Family Arrives

February 12, 2018

About eight of us from the SRSC (the Summerlea Refugee Support Coalition) including cosponsor Salman were on hand at the Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport to welcome a happy family of six Syrian refugees. A project that began almost two years ago.

Left to right in the photo are our cosponsor Salman and two of the SRSC members Sheila Laursen and Susan Czarnocki seen as we anxiously await the arrival of the family of six.
Along with our committee was Moya Whitley, assistant to federal m. p. Francis Scarpaleggia (Lac-Saint-Louis riding).

We have been asked by Salman not to publish any pictures of the new family.

Saturday, February 10 was moving day for the collected furniture on the Summerlea stage. We were most fortunate to have the use of the NOVA van that day thanks to Wendy Buchanan of the SRSC and her husband Richard. Salman, brother of Bilal, and our cosponsor had earlier succeeded in securing a spacious three bedroom apartment in the same building as he and his family! Bilal and wife Farah and their daughter Dalal (11) and sons Abdulla (10), Baraa (5) and Huzaifa (3) were set to arrive two days later on the following Monday and to spend their first few days with Salman and family.
Two days later Salman and his younger brother Saad (who arrived a little over a year ago also made possible through a private sponsorship) were on hand with us at the airport. After a two hour wait at the airport while the family was processed through customs and immigration there were shouts of joy amidst much hugging and kissing when they finally appeared. Along with their luggage each family member carried a welcome bag from the International Organization for Migration.

March 10, 2018 - The 'recent News'

Bilal & Farah and their children are now established in their recently (almost) fully equipped apartment. The donated used washing machine was unfortunatly not working as it had been idle too long but money for a new machine is being arranged and an appropriate budget for food and expenses is being worked out.
There have been some unfortunate bank glitches in freeing up the money to cover monthly expenses and groceries but these should be cleared up very soon. In the meantime, arrangements are being made for further medical exams and schooling for the kids and French classes etcetera - the details are almost endless!

Nevertheless, Bilal has reported, through Salman that:

"I am feeling very good - I feel I am in my home."

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