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The 2019 Summerlea Christmas Choir Music

Most unfortunately, I had no camera for either the Choral Sunday or the Candle light.
But I DID have the recorder - hence the choir anthems were captured.

White Gifts (from Sunday, December 1, 2019)

The Summerlea Choir as it was on December 22, 2019
For the Choral Sunday they were joined by Dik Harris
but unfortunately, no picture from then.

December 15 -- Choral Sunday

Prepare ye the way of the Lord....


(Joseph Martin)

In the tiny village of Bethlehem
Night has come once again
And amid the darkness and winter chill
All the earth is quiet and still.
Just a simple stable with cattle stalls....

Simple Stable

(Don Besig & Nancy Price)

Come, O come Emmanuel
Come, O come on Earth to dwell
Come deliver Israel,
Come to set us free...

Come To Set Us Free

(J. Shafferman & L. Larson)

December 18 -- Candlelight Service

Rejoice! Rejoice! Sing Noel!
Rejoice and sing Noel, Noel
Rejoice and sing for Christ is born.
Refoice and sing noel, noel
For Jesus the Saviour is born...

Rejoice and Sing Noel!

(Allan Petker)

Clear in the darkness
A light shines in Bethlem:
Angels are singing,
Their sound fills the air...

Christmas Lullaby

(John Rutter)

Dans cette étable que Jésus est charment
Qu'il est aimable dans cet abaissment!
Que d'attraits a la fois...

Dans Cette Etable

(trad. French)

Were you there, were you there
On that Christmas night,
When the world was filled
With a holy light...

Were You There?

(Nathalie Sleeth)

For freedom Christ has set us free;
stand fast therefore,
and do not submit again
to a yoke of slavery.

(Galations 5:1)

Come To Set Us Free

(J. Shafferman & L. Larson)

Reprised by the expanded Candlelight choir.

The Choir singers on one or both of the nights.
Thanks for the "Joyful Noise!"

Anne Allmark
Michèle Bitauld
Greg Butt
Dawn Boyes
Mel Cockhill
Undeg Edwards
Marion Golden
Dik Harris
Mary Guynan
Susan Hawke
Sheila Hebert
Barbara Moffat
Brad Moffat
Jeannine Morin
Scott Patton
Jane Percy
David Pryce
Janet Smart
Elin Thordardottir
Jean Stuart
Andrejs Vitols
Director: Connie Osborne

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