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"By the Sea"
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By the Sea Cast
Once again Summerlea's music director Connie Osborne and cast of many have come up with a winning musical "By the Sea", which was presented at the 1 May 2005 Sunday morning service and again Saturday evening May 7.

The culmination of several months of weekly practices (several times weekly in the last few weeks), the play presents vignettes from the time of Jesus in story and song.

The cast included young and not-so-young members of the congregation who reportedly had a great time together at the rehearsals.

Congratulations and thanks to Connie, the players, the production staff and pianist Ann Sutton for another wonderful musical experience.

On these pages are some photos of the event, taken at the dress rehearsal the day before and during the Sunday performance. You can pick on the photos to see a larger version.

There are also a few brief video clips along the way. The clips last about 10 seconds and are about 4 MB in size, so they take over half a minute to load, even on a high speed connection. The clips are short and small in size, but they give an idea of the group's talents and enthusiasm.

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By the Sea dramatizes in song and story incidents from the life of Jesus that took place along the shores of the Sea of Galilee, in and near the town of Capernaum. After the title song sets the scene, three persons enter seeking Jesus. One is sick, another hungry, the third in need of a friend. Together, they represent the needs we all bring to Jesus. They have been told that they might find Jesus down by the sea, so they go from place to place looking for him. They never catch up with him, but eagerly listen to the stories of people who knew him.

Scene 1: The Sea of Galilee Near Capernaum

In Scene 1, Zebedee and Salome (the parents of the disciples, James and John) and Peter's mother-in-law tell how Jesus called the fishermen to follow him.

Scene 2: Capernaum

In Scene 2, the servants of a Roman officer in Capernaum joyfully recall how Jesus healed one of them.

Scene 3: A Hillside Near the Seven Springs

In Scene 3, a farmer and his family tell how they like to go out to the hillside where Jesus taught the people because it helps them remember what he said.

Scene 4: Tabgha (Jesus Fed the Multitude)

In Scene 4, a merchant and his family stop for lunch on the shore where Jesus fed the multitude and tell the Seekers all about it.

Scene 5: By The Sea – Finale

In Scene 5, runners bring word that Jesus has been arrested and crucified, and all the people grieve. Then the children bring the good news that Jesus has risen and served breakfast to his friends beside the sea. Everyone rejoices and the Seekers realize that they still have time to find Jesus and bring their needs to him.

Cast of Characters (in order of appearance)

All Scenes
Seeker 1 - Aaron Miechkota
Seeker 2 - Mary Guynan
Seeker 3 - Marion Golden

Scene 1
Zebedee - John Osborne
Salome, sister of Mary - Janet Smart
Peter's Mother-in-law - Michèle Bitauld

Scene 2
Centurion's Steward - Jacob Osborne
First Servant - Terry Jones
First Servant's wife - Jane Percy
Second Servant - David Pryce
Third Servant - Howard Clark
Girls with water jars - Michelle McKenzie, Alayna Roy, Shauna Overbury

Scene 3
Reuben, a farmer - Kevin McKenzie
Rebekah, his wife - Susan McKenzie
Their children
    Hannah - Michelle McKenzie
    Matthew - Keith McKenzie
    Mary - Erin Overbury

Scene 4
Benjamin, a merchant - David Pryce
Anna, his wife - Irene Critchlow
Their daughters
    Rachel - Cassandra McKenzie
    Susanna - Alayna Roy
    Mary - Erin Overbury

Scene 5
First Runner - Peter Maklan
Second Runner - Justin Roy

Citizens of Capernaum - Betty Godin, Nancy Harvey, Bonnie MacLeod, Leslie McEwen, Laurie Prinsz

Piano - Ann Sutton
Flute - John Osborne
Percussion Instruments
    Bass Xylophone - Tom Tucker
    Alto Xylophone - Darryl Macdonald
    Wooden Glockenspiel - Aaron Miechkota

The Bells of St. Barnabas - [Anglican Church, Pierrefonds]
    Director - Wendy Pingree
    Bell Ringers - Tommie James, Gem Matthews, Sari Tuominiemi, Gareth Richardson

Production Staff
Musical Director - Constance Osborne
Stage Director - Howard Clark
Set Design - Kim Blatherwick, Richard Roy, Susan Overbury, Bryan Maklan, Roy Rodd
Set Painting - Barbara Miller
Costumes - Kim Blatherwick, Constance Osborne
Sewers - Undeg Edwards, Nancy Harvey, Helen McDowell, Janet Smart, Poster Design - Aaron Miechkota
Videotaping - Anders Yates
Lighting - Darryl Macdonald, George Provias

St Columba-by-the-Lake Presbyterian Church for the loan of risers,
Ray Laviolette for moving the risers;
Summerlea Beaver Colony, and their leaders, Leslie McEwen, Geoff Carrie, John Regan, Alain Boulet, and Pierre Faucher for constructing the palm trees;
Scouts for their flag pole;
Ecole Secondaire Jean XXIII for the nets
Xylophones from Donna Quinton, Meadowbrook School;
Tapis en Gros for the carpet tubes;
The Boathouse, Dorval for the sail;
Tom Pavlasek & Michèle Bitauld for the loan of items;
and George Provias for all his help and support.
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