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Summerlea's Service of Covenanting Jan. 26, 2003

Summerlea's service of covenanting for our new minister, the Rev. Howard Clark, took place at the church Sunday evening Jan. 26, 2003. The presiding officer was the Rev. Frank Giffen, Chair of Montreal Presbytery. Opening remarks were offered by Fred Bowman, Executive Secretary of Montreal Presbytery and former Summerlea member. Linda Rodrigues, Chair of the Summerlea Board, welcomed us.

Summerlea's senior and intermediate choir, directed by Connie Osborne, was augmented by St. Andrew's Presbyterian choir, with piano accompaniment by St. Andrew's choir director Lucia Williams. Keith Field of St. Andrew's on drums and Summerlea's John Osborne on penny whistle rounded out the music.

The congregation included members of Presbytery, of St. Andrew's Presbyterian and of other churches in the community. Also present were Howard's wife, the Rev. Sharon Moon, minister of Cedar Park United Church in Pointe-Claire and some Cedar Park members.

Symbols of the ministry (Bible, water, towel and basin, bread and wine, hymn book and dream- catcher) were presented to Howard by Summerlea members Paul Weijers, Marg Lynn, members of the Thicke family, members of the Poitras family, Victor White and members of the children's programme.

The sermon was presented by St. Andrew's Presbyterian minister Darryl Macdonald, who took advantage of his wonderful singing voice to express the principles of the covenanting process with marvellous clarity (and within the allotted five minutes!).

Following are a few photos taken before and after the service.

Before the service.

John and Connie Osborne warming up.

Connie Osborne leading the augmented choir in practice.

Lucia Williams (St. Andrew's choir director) on piano with Jacob Osborne turning the pages.

Rev. Howard Clark,
Rev. Frank Giffen (Chairperson Montreal Presbytery),
Fred Bowman (Executive Secretary, Montreal Presbytery),
Dr. Norman Lewis of St. Andrew's Dominion-Douglas and Montreal Presbytery.

During the service.

The augmented choir during the service, Connie Osborne conducting.

John Osborne on penny whistle. Keith Field's drum and his hand partly visible (if you look hard).

After the service.

Let them eat cake!

Roy Rodd and his wife Linda Rodrigues, Summerlea board chair, show how it's done.

Rev. Howard Clark with his wife Rev. Sharon Moon and intermediate choir member Jennifer Worsnip.

Summerlea's Jane Cowell-Poitras (currently pro-mayor of Montreal) with Fred Bowman (Executive Secretary, Montreal Presbytery).

Michèle Bitauld with Keith and Leslie Field, all of St. Andrew's Presbyterian.

Betty Smith, Jean Harkness, Cate Mackin, Linda Rodrigues and Marion Golden check out the goodies.

Visitors with Rev. Howard Clark.

Dr. Norman Lewis of St. Andrew's Dominion-Douglas and Montreal Presbytery with Rev. Sharon Moon, minister at Cedar Park United Church.

Ian Mark, Darryl Macdonald and Lorna Laviolette, all of St. Andrew's Presbyterian.

Acadia Hall

Acadia Hall

Carolyn Osborne, Connie Osborne and Rev. Howard Clark.

Darryl Macdonald and Leslie Field of St. Andrew's Presbyterian.

Laurie Ronacher, Lewis Guynan, Nancy and Huntly Bourne.

Darryl Macdonald and Nancy Butt of St. Andrew's Presbyterian.

Leslie and Keith Field with Gregory Butt, all of St. Andrew's Presbyterian.

Rev. Howard Clark, Marion Golden (Summerlea worship committee chair), Darryl Macdonald.

Undeg Edwards with Renate and Graeme Sutherland of Cedar Park United.

Rev. Sharon Moon
(Minister at Cedar Park United Church),
Graeme and Renate Sutherland
(members of Cedar Park United Church),
and Kofo Dedeke from Erskine American United Church.

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