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Spring Craft Fair 2003 - Page 1

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Summerlea's annual spring craft fair, a joint enterprise of the Lachine District Girl Guides and the Summerlea United / St. Andrew's Presbyterian Outreach Committe, was held at Summerlea United Church Saturday, April 12, 2003, a beautiful spring day. The proceeds from this event are shared by the Guides, to support camping activities, and by the Outreach Committee, to support community outreach activities.

Here are shots of some of the participants.
2005-04-19: Large size photos removed to make space for more recent photos.

The day before the fair Summerlea's baking crew were on tap at 7 AM to create some 85 dozen hot cross buns. The team consisted of Marion Golden, Undeg Edwards, Janet Smart, Mary Guynan and Ruth Heim. We got a few shots of them at work (later in the day).

Saturday was sunny and warm and lots of folks came out to check out the wares. We caught the Girl Guides' hot-dog stand just outside the church entrance and a couple of young clients sampling their purchases in the corridor.

A number of artisans were set up in the nursery.

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