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Is it Michaelangelo we're seeing?

Property and maintenance chairman Kevin McKenzie appears to be working on the next Renaissance as he paints up a storm in the Summerlea offices. Early in the new year he did the minister's office, then this week (Feb. 20, 2003) we caught him brightening up the entry to the M&O Conference offices upstairs, after installing a roof drain and a heater in the bathroom.

When speaking recently with some visitors from another West Island United Church, they remarked on how well maintained Summerlea appears. Thanks to Kevin and the Property & Maintenance Committee for keeping it that way.

We caught a couple of shots of the M&O entry with Kevin at work.

The Master at work.

Freshly painted stairway with new light fixture.

The entrance to the M&O offices newly painted and with a new light fixture to keep things bright.

Michaelangelo at work. We missed the part where he lay on his back to do the underside of the railings.

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