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Pancake Sunday 2003

Pancake Sunday, February 23 2003, opened with snow and freezing rain to keep all but the brave at home, but Rolf Smart and his pancake chefs managed to put together another delicious pancake lunch to be enjoyed in the company of Rev. George MacDonald and his charming wife Paula. George was with us while Rev. Howard Clark and his wife Sharon enjoy a one-week holiday in Rome (some of the holiday that they did not take between charges).

The luncheon concluded with a presentation to Rev. MacDonald of a token of appreciation for the time he spent with us last fall, and a memento from the Sunday School to George's son Stephen who was unable to be with us.

Many thanks to Rolf Smart and pancake chefs Richard Legault, Zig Krujelskis, David Pryce, Richard Legault, Brian Thicke and Tom Cassidy. Also to servers and cleanup crew Roy Rodd, John Osborne, Tim Mackin and friends.

Following are a few photos of the participants.

Acadia Hall in readiness before church.

Also before church we were introduced to a new pew cushion in place for a group of long time Summerlea members.

Florence Robinson, Esther Anderson, Jean Harkness and Betty Smith enjoying their new-found comfort.

Paula MacDonald, wife of Rev. George with Marg Lynn, Muriel Hill in the background. George and Paula recently spent two weeks in Florida with George's son Stephen, enjoying the milder weather and the Disney attractions.

Pancake chef Richard Legault.

Pancake chef Zig Krujelskis.

Coordinator Rolf Smart.

Pancake chef Richard Hébert.

Pancake chef David Pryce.

Pancake chefs Tom Cassidy and Brian Thicke.

Brian Thicke's Mickey Mouse Special.

Rev. George MacDonald and his wife Paula.

Heather Thicke and friends.

Summerlea board chairperson Linda Rodd with exchange student Natalia Jorge .

The other end of the head table.

The Oultons, Line, Rhodes, Chris and Richard.

Mary Oulton and her daughter-in-law Line

Irene & Peter Dyck.

John Monat & friends.

Mike, Susan & Helen Biscott

Helen Biscott, Bonnie & Matthew Monat.

Shauna Overbury

Nancy Fisher & Undeg Edwards.

Hunter & Morgan Fisher.

Kevin McKenzie, Julie & Jessica Matschek.

Ruth Heim & Marion Golden.

Lewis Guynan.

Dorothy Crozier.

Sue & Keith McKenzie.

Margaret Roberts.

Lucy Richards & Mary Guynan.

Jeanne Moore.

Florence Robinson.

Jean Harkness.

Esther Anderson.

Lucy French.

Betty Smith.

Janet Smart & Bobby Fisher.

Muriel & Jack Hill.

Susan & Victor White.

Dale & Frank Romagosa.

Caroline & Gregory Legault.

Matthew Legault.

Huntly & Nancy Bourne.

Sheila Hébert & Laurie Ronacher.

Marg Lynn.

Presentation by Summerlea board chair Linda Rodd to Rev. George MacDonald.

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