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Summerlea Picnic June 15, 2003

Once again this year the Summerlea congregation gathered at Dorval Island to enjoy an outdoor service and picnic. After several days of rain the weather dawned sunny and warm, although the ground remained slightly soggy. Rev. Howard Clark led the service with an aboriginal flavour celebrating the four points of the compass, with music led by Connie Osborne and accompaniment by John Osborne on flute and Howard Clark on guitar.

At the end of the service, board chairperson Linda Rodd presented a token of appreciation to Susan McKenzie, Summerlea'a wonderful Sunday School leader.

Following the service we consumed the lunches we had with us and then Susan organized some games and activities for the young and the young-at-heart.

Many thanks to Susan & Kevin McKenzie, Connie and John Osborne, Rev. Howard Clark and helpers for making this an enjoyable day for all.

Thanks also to Louise Emanuel for providing the ferry crossing and the use of the recreation hall.

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A short boat trip takes residents and guests to Dorval Island.

1. The Dorval SkylineFrom the Island Dock
2. The First Ferry Approaches
3. Disembarkation Begins

1. Matthew Legault, Deck Hand, Gregory Legault, Sue & Kevin McKenzie.
2. Susan & Kevin McKenzie carry in supplies.
3. Whites' Grandson John, Kassandra Blais & Ruth Heim.
4. Susan & Victor White
5. Mary Guynan & Wayne Armstrong

1. Wayne & Suzanne Armstrong
2. Lewis Guynan & Caroline Legault
3. Rev. Howard Clark & Richard Legault
4. Deck Hand & Ferry Captain

Waiting for the others to arrive.
1. Victor & Susan White & John
2. Richard & Matthew Legault
3. Gregory Legault & Undeg Edwards
4. Caroline Legault & Wind Machine
5. Lewis & Mary Guynan

Preparing for the Service
1. Wayne & Suzanne Armstrong work on the Scavenger Hunt
2. Susan McKenzie works on a paper windmill with some helpers
3. Helpers Kassandra Blais & Cassandra McKenzie
4. Susan, Keith, Michelle & Kevin McKenzie
5. Rev. Howard Clark, Richard & Matthew Legault & John

Still preparing
1. Kevin & Keith McKenzie
2. Gregory & Caroline Legault, Carolyn Osborne & Undeg Edwards
3. Florence & Olivier
4. Kate Smart
5. Ruth Heim
6. Susan & Kevin McKenzie

Still preparing
1. Whites' grandson John
2. Suzanne Armstrong
3. Rev. Howard Clark in picnic vestments
4. Jacob Osborne
5. Caroline, Matthew & Gregory Legault
6. Carolyn Osborne

The Service under way (at a conventional 11AM)
1. Rev. Clark makes announcements
2. The North Facing crew recite the Facing North statement (fourth point of the compass)
3. The others of the North Facing crew.
4. John Osborne on flute & Howard Clark on guitar accompany the hymns as Connie leads.

At the end of the service Linda Rodd and the Sunday School children presented Susan McKenzie with a token of appreciation for her on-going work as leader of the Sunday School.
1. Linda & children make the presentation.
2. Chicken Soup?
3. Susan thanks the Sunday School staff.

After the service we ate our lunch, then the games began.
1. Kevin McKenzie & Hairy Potter (Janet Smart) practice for the sack race.
2. The Young-at-Heart in the Sack Race
3. Connie Osborne makes it to the finish line.
4. Janet Smart had a little trouble.

1. The youngsters (and imposters) prepare for their race.
2. And away they go!

One youngster gets a ride from Susan McKenzie (Oh my back!)

Then for the Tug O' War
1. The Adults versus
2. The Youngsters

3. The Ladies (with some help from Dad Cassidy) versus
4. The Gentlemen

And once again, a good time was had by all.
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