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Summerlea Pie Making 2003 - Wednesday

Note: This page contains a number photos, so it may take a while to load them all.

Summerlea's 2003 pie making marathon took place Wednesday to Saturday, Oct. 22 to 25. Innovations this year included a number of blueberry and strawberry / rhubarb pies, plus some single-serving sized meat pies.

Many thanks to Kathy Worsnip for the organization and preparation, to Marion Golden for her leadership, expertise, unending participation and good humour, and to all the folks who spent many hours making the pies.

On Wednesday Kathy set up for the pie production after the play school finished, around 11 AM. The apple peeling started at 1 PM. Fourteen bushels of apples were peeled, cut and put into plastic bags for later transfer to pies. Some 1600 pie boxes, pre-labeled by Tom Pavlasek, were assembled by a number of people over several days.

Marion and Undeg began to make the pasty needed for the pies, making some 35 batches Wednesday afternoon. Kathy had already prepared bags of apple pie flavourings, and about mid-afternoon pastry rolling and assembly of apple pies began. Production came to a halt for supper around 4:30 PM. After supper more apple pies and some fruit pies were assembled and stored in freezers.

Over the four days, about 469 apple, 123 blueberry, 68 strawberry / rhubarb and 910 meat pies were produced, for a total of 1570 pies.

More details and photos of the Thursday, Friday and Saturday production are on the corresponding pages of this site.

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In the Kitchen

1. Pastry Maker Par Excellence Marion Golden with "her" pastry mixer.
2. Apple peeler / corers Éric Alexandre & Howard Harvey & Transporter Cate Mackin
Marion Golden Pastry Maker Éric Alexandre, Cate Mackin, Howard Harvey

The Final Touchup
After peeling and coring on the machines the apples had to be cleaned up and cut.
1. Marg Lynn
2. Helen McDowell
3. Edna Lee
4. Ruth Heim
5. Audrey Kent & Howard Harvey
Marg Lynn Helen McDowell Edna Lee Ruth Heim Audrey Kent & Howard Harvey

Rolling Pastry and Filling Pies
1. Janet Smart tackles an intimidating mound of pastry (the first of 50!).
2. Mary Guynan & Ruth Heim help Janet tackle the pastry mound.
3. Lois Pavlasek filling apple pies.
Janet Smart Janet Smart, Mary Guynan, Ruth Heim Lois Pavlasek

Assembling Boxes
Lakeside Academy students were expected to assemble boxes but were unable to come, so anyone available was pressed into service.
1. Elizabeth Burnell, music teacher at Summerlea and McGill, among others, was inveigled into making up boxes during a break in her piano teaching.
2. Pearl Sargent & Iris Pilkington.
3. Paul Weijers, Sarah McCall & Beverly Gill.
Elizabeth Burnell  , Iris Pilkington Paul Weijers, Sarah McCall, Beverly Gill
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