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Summerlea Board Retreat Sep 13, 2003
Posted Sep 14, 2003
Saturday September 13, 2003 saw some 30 members of the Summerlea board gathered at Cedar Park United Church in Point-Claire for a "think tank", to consider the directions that Summerlea should be taking in the future. The session ran from 9 AM to about 3:45 PM, with several small group discussions and overall reviews of the group findings.

The day was interesting and fun throughout, a testament to lots of planning and organising by the animators, Rev. Howard Clark, Board Chair Linda Rodrigues-Rodd, Organist / Choir Director Connie Osborne and Worship Committee member Bobby Fisher.

The results of the retreat will be forthcoming over the next few weeks.

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As a point of departure, let's look back and review Summerlea's past accomplishments

Now let's break up and decide what is Summerlea's current personality.
1. Undeg Edwards, Marion Golden, Lewis Guynan, Helen McDowell, Roy Rodd
2. Janet Smart, Dawn Boyes, Barb Moffat, Betty Smith, Marg Lynn
3. Richard Legault, Marg Lynn, Janet Smart, Betty Smith (back), Dawn Boyes
4. Kate Smart, Valerie Coffin, Connie Osborne, Linda Rogrigues-Rodd

1. Connie Osborne, Linda Rodrigues-Rodd, Louise Emanuel, Bobby Fisher, Kate Smart, Valerie Coffin
2. Huntly Bourne, Jane Percy, Zig Krujelskis, Kevin McKenzie, John Coffin
3. Tom Pavlesek, Huntly Bourne, Jane Percy
4. Susan McKenzie, John Coffin, Mary Guynan

1. Mary Guynan, Lois Pavlasek
2. Caroline Legault, Sinclair Harris, Susan McKenzie
3. Connie Osborne reviews the Summerlea personalities

1. Our current status
2. The tall guy is coming together (he started with just the legs).
3. Animators Bobby Fisher and Rev. Howard Clark

1. Howard Clark leads a song - with actions
2. Some of the choristers - the photog missed the actions.
3. More choristers - again missed the actions.

Lunch break: Susan & Kevin McKenzie, Linda & Roy Rodd, Janet Smart

1. Some concerns.
2. Let's tackle these ones.
3. Some possible solutions - partly obscured by Kevin's hot tub plan.

It's over when the tall guy comes together.

And believe it or not, a good time was had by all.
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