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Maundy Thursday Seder 2003

The 2003 Maundy Thursday Seder was led by Summerlea's Rev. Howard Clark and St. Andrew's Darryl Macdonald, assisted by Chris Maragoudakis. The ceremony preceding supper included lighting the candles, discussion of the Seder symbols, symbolic washing of hands (within constraints dictated by current SARS concerns), the retelling of the Passover story and consumption of the prerequisite cups of "wine".

The supper consisted of copious quantities of pot-luck provided by the participants, followed by equally generous portions of dessert and tea or coffee.

Following the supper the assemblage moved to the sanctuary to read responsively Psalm 22, then to divest the chancel of all ornamentation, in memory of the Cross. The ornaments to be re-installed Easter Sunday in memory of the Resurrection.

Following are a few photos of the participants. The shots were taken unposed during supper, so some candid-camera situations may be anticipated. Also, there are a lot of large photos, so they may take some time to download.

Muriel and Jack Hill with Dorothy Crozier serving coffee.

Valerie & John Coffin.

Audrey Kent, Marg Lynn & Jane Percy.

Josh, John & Jacob Osborne.

Mavis Spencer & Dawn Boyes.

Pearl Sargent & Sarah McCall.

Bev Gill & Nancy Bourne.

Huntly Bourne & Jeanne Moore.

Anne & Wallace Ingram, Suzanne Armstrong's Parents.

Visitors (Jim & Cody ?).



Connie Osborne & Mavis Spencer.

Mary Guynan & Wayne Armstrong.

Lewis & Mary Guynan.

Suzanne Armstrong & Wallace Ingram, her father.

Suzanne Armstrong & Dessert.

Gabrielle & Jane Poitras.

Dorothy Crozier & Helen McDowell.

Ruth Heim.

The Head Table
Rev. Howard Clark,
Darryl Macdonald,
Chris Maragoudakis.

Kevin & Susan McKenzie & Caroline Rodd.

Linda & Roy Rodd.

Cassandra McKenzie & Elizabeth Rodd.

Rodd family exchange student, Natalia Jorge.

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