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Endings and Beginnings
A Service Celebrating 186 Years of Ministry
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Lachine - Final Service Nov. 28, 2004

(Posted November 29, 2004)

The last formal service of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Lachine took place at Summerlea United Church Sunday evening November 28, 2004.

The service celebrated the 186 years of ministry of St. Andrew's in Lachine, starting in 1818 when the Scots Presbyterian Church of Lachine and Chateauguay was officially opened.

Leslie and Keith Field opened the service with a moving saxophone duet of Ravel's Pavane.

Readings were by Rev. Ian Fraser (student minister 1981-82), Rev. Glynis Williams (interim moderator 1993-1997), and Summerlea United's Rev. Howard Clark. Rev. Sheina B Smith, Minister of St. Andrew's 1982-1993, assisted Darryl in the communion service.

A prayer vignette by Keith Field and vignettes by Rev. Darryl Macdonald traced the history of St. Andrew's from its founding in 1818 through the schism of Union in 1925 and subsequent rebuilding, growth after WWII followed by declining population, and the recent trauma of departure from the Presbyterian central authority in support of Darryl. The vignettes stressed the rebuilding that has occurred after each challenge, as is now occurring in joining with Summerlea United Church.

Prior to his reading, Rev. Clark noted that the Minute Book presented to the Summerlea Presbyterian session in 1914 had recently surfaced in the Summerlea office, reminding us of the Presbyterian roots in the Summerlea congregation.

In attendance at the service were folk from both St. Andrew's and Summerlea.

An off-shoot of the changing scene is the forthcoming departure of Lucia Williams
to become the music leader at Roxboro United Church starting December 5.
Summerlea's music director Connie Osborne turned the pages for Lucia,
who was playing her final service as St. Andrew's musical director.

Following a somewhat emotional service the mood in the hall was upbeat as the two congregations enjoyed refreshments and historical displays provided by the St. Andrew's congregation.

The reception included a cake in recognition of Lucia's musical leadership at St. Andrew's.

Lucia was asked to cut the cake, which she said brought back wedding memories.

Darryl helped to overcome the nerves.

The historical displays revealed numerous fascinating details of the St. Andrew's past, including St. Andrew's United Church in Lachine, the home of the St. Andrew's Presbyterian congregation prior to Union in 1925 and ex-home of those who decided not to join the United Church of Canada at that time.

It is to be hoped that some of that information can be displayed in the historical pages of this site in the not-too-distant future.

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