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Topsy Turvy Sunday - May 4, 2003
Sunday, May 4, 2003 was advertised as Topsy Turvy Sunday, and indeed it was. The congregation came dressed in other than their Sunday best, a bunch of volunteers replaced the choir, the service followed a mixed-up script, a group of aspiring thespians "acted out" a drama called "Sing a Happy Hallelujah", (based on a drama by Ann Weems from "Reaching for Rainbows"), and we all had a jolly good time.

Here are shots of some of the participants. You can pick the icon to see the full-size photo. To return here after viewing the photo, click Back on your browser.

As folks arrived they were greeted by a Topsy Turvy welcome sign and a ballooned sanctuary.

Sarah Golden, granddaughter of Marion and Ray, brought along a couple of bunny rabbits, Fluffy and Apollo. Amélie Poitras stopped to admire Fluffy.

Cate Mackin, Mary Guynan and Undeg Edwards came prepared for their acting roles,
Carolyn Osborne in the pew behind.

The service was sponsored by the letters G, O and D, and the number 3,
which some of the children placed at the communion table under the direction of
Rev. Howard, dressed in his Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes.

The pickup choir, Connie Osborne directing.
(They weren't really fuzzy - it was the photographer's fault.)

When invited to say hi to one another it took some time!
The congregation included the "Brazilian soccer team", Roy, Robert, Caroline & Elizabeth Rodd & Natalia Jorge, their exchange student from Brazil.

And then came the drama, composed of two groups,
the Luyas (the older crowd) and the Allays (the younger folk).
Rev. Howard noted that the more observant members of the congregation would see that the two names together form LuyaAllay, a familiar hymn phrase. (It was Topsy Turvy Sunday!)

Undeg Edwards, Marion Golden, Louise Emanuel, Marg Lynn, Mel Cockhill (Tom Pavaslek off-screen)
Bobby Fisher, Cate Mackin (behind Rev. Clark), Amélie Poitras, Trish Higgins, Mary Guynan, John Osborne
(and another photog Oops!)

There was some tension between the two groups.
Their fervent leaders Elder Al and Elder Lu engaged in some discussion
re the merits of each.

One day a Child of God, who didn't know any better,
wandered from the Allays to the Luyas,
creating some consternation.

After a while the child met an Old Woman (some thought she was senile) and asked her to pray for her friend Tim. The Old Woman said "Sure". In return she asked if she could dance with the child and her friends, so off they went to the Allays, where the child received a Scolding.
But then a Young Woman came forward and said "Let's all dance". So they did, while the congregation sang "'Tis the gift to be simple".

With the ice broken, the two groups began to work together, until they discovered that the Allays and the Luyas could actually sing AllayLuya together.

The service closed with a Recessional, the congregation following the thespians out to Acadia Hall while Connie played "We shall go out with joy".
The congregation included the Mackin family dressed for the occasion.
The service over, Organist and Choir director Connie Osborne heads for a break.

In Acadia Hall after the service we caught a few folks.

Tim, Cate, Nicole and Riley Mackin, all dressed up.

Victor and Susan White. Susan did not introduce us to her other friend.

Sorcerer Jacob Osborne

Jean Harkness and Betty Smith share a laugh with "Senile Old Woman" Marg Lynn.

So that's a Topsy Turvy Sunday!

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