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UCC 80th Anniversary and Darryl Farewell 5 June 2005

Posted 5 June 2005
June 5, 2005 marked the 80th anniversary of the United Church in Canada, and the official farewell party for Darryl Macdonald who will leave Summerlea after the June 19 service to to take up his first post as a United Church minister at Two Mountains United Church starting in July.

The occasion gave Summerlea music director Connie Osborne the opportunity to celebrate with music by the choir, flautists John Osborne and Aaron Miechkota and violinist Amy Chen. Howard took the opportunity to reflect on the history of the United Church as an open and caring community, with the first ordination of a woman minister, ordination of homosexual ministers, dialogue with aboriginal peoples in response to residential schools, and so on. (We did not sing that old favourite "How Great We Are").

The official farewell for Darryl after the service included some great "word photos" by Keith Field reviewing Darryl's time with St. Andrew's Presbyterian and Summerlea, and some reflections and expressions of sincere thanks to Darryl by Tom Pavlasek on behalf of the "new and improved" Summerlea congregation.

Following are a few snapshots of the event, which are pickable to see a larger version.

We caught a shot of the choir "disrobed" as they practiced before the service.
UCC 80th

John Osborne on flute, Amy Chen on violin and Connie Osborne on piano,
playing G.P. Teleman's "Sonata in C Minor for Three Instruments" as the Prelude.
UCC 80th

Aaaron Miechkota and John Osborne on flute, playing
G.P. Teleman's "Canonic Sonata No. 5" as the Postlude.
UCC 80th

After the service, Keith Field offered a number of word photos
reviewing Darryl's time with St. Andrew's Presbyterian and Summerlea United.
Keith Field, Word Photos Keith Field, Word Photos

Then it was Tom Pavlasek's turn to say thank you and good luck to Darryl.
Tom Pavlasek says Thanks

And au revoir from Darryl (he actually said a bit more than that).
Au revoir from Darryl Au revoir from Darryl

Some going-away gifts were opened by Darryl with help from partner Chris Maragoudakis.
The framed photo by Gordon Osborne shows the large tree on the Lakeshore
where Summerlea Easter sunrise services are often held.
Going-away Giftsl Going-away Giftsl Going-away Giftsl

A congratulations cake to challenge Darryl's fitness regime.
Congratulations Cake

And a few shots of well-wishers.
The audience The audience The audience
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