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(Last updated 18-9-2021)

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Well, Well, well...

It has been eleven years with Mr. Scott at our spiritual helm and now he is enjoying a new retired stage in his life with partner Ron in their new home in the Eastern Townships where Scott was born and bred.

Thank you Scottie for eleven good years and Fare-You-And-Ron-Well in your new home.

Methinks you have earned it.

And hence, It is a new day for Summerlea United Church. With a new minister.

September 12, 2021

Welcome To Summerlea United Tea

On that Saturday, the Search Committee and Board members gathered for a Welcome to Summerlea Tea with an array of homemade Summerlea comestibles.

I am Very Sad To Say that I neglected that day to bring along the recorder to capture Christine's gracious acknowledgement of Mary's opening introduction. Mea Culpa.
So, in lieu of audio I will merely post a selection of pictures from the auspcious occasion.

The aforementioned goodies are arrayed.

Board Chair Barbara Moffat speaks with Christine before commencing.

Chair of the Search Committee Mary Reynolds
introduces The Reverend Doctor Marie-Christine Gladu ('Christine' is fine).

Chritine is seen above in the foreground.

Hope to see y'all in church on Sunday!!

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