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Church Activities


Sunday Services
Funeral Fees and Honoraria
Pastoral Care & Support
Women's Groups (UCW) - Serendipity
Youth Programmes
Annual Bazaar (November)
Crafts Fair (April)

Sunday Services
Worship services are held in the sanctuary at 10:30 AM each Sunday (10:00 AM in summer), with special services for occasions such as Easter and Christmas.
Everyone is welcome at all services.
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Sunday School
The Sunday School welcomes all children from nursey through to teens, and meets during Sunday services from September to May. The children participate in the beginning of the worship service, then go to class after the childrens'story. Bible stories and songs of praise are at the core of the curriculum.
The Sunday School is staffed by dedicated leaders, mainly parents of the students, under the guidance of Sue McKenzie.
Children less than 3 years of age are cared for in the nursery.
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The senior choir (composed of men and women of all ages) sings at each worship service from September to May, directed by organist and choir director Connie Osborne.
    Choir Practice: Sunday 9 AM
    Repertoire: Palestrina to Gospel
    Language: Principally English
    All voices are welcome!
The senior choir has been expanding its repertoire with new anthems, several featuring flute, thanks to John Osborne.
Future plans include learning new, beautiful hymns from the Voices United Hymn Book, exciting new music for our talented choir to enjoy, and the incorporation of more instruments into the worship services.
If you would like to participate in the choral activities, give a call to Connie at 514-634-6362.
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The minister offers counselling in preparation for marriage and officiates at weddings. For further information see the page Information for those Seeking to be Married at Summerlea United Church.
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The minister provides grief counselling and guidance in preparation for funeral services, and officiates at funerals.
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Funeral Fees and Honoraria
$ 50
$ 50*
$ 625

Rental of the Church Hall for a Reception is $125.* for 3 hours ($25 for each additional hour.) No liquor permitted.

*Minister's Honorarium, Sanctuary and Church Hall fees are optional for members of Summerlea United Church.

The fees for funerals are due when the Minister meets with the family to make necessary arrangements. One cheque for the total sum should be made payable to Summerlea United Church for the funeral.

Memorial Donations:
If you wish to designate Summerlea United Church for Memorial Donations in honour of your loved one, each donor will receive a tax receipt and personal thank you note for contributing to the mission and ministry of our church.

Please be reminded that no one will be denied access to a funeral service on the basis of finance. Consideration is given to people with limited budgets. If this is a factor for you, please discuss this with the minister.

Approved at May 5, 2011 Board Meeting
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Pastoral Care and Support
The minister provide pastoral care to family and friends at times of illness or family strife. Hospital visits form a significant portion of his work. A referral service is provided for those who need specialist assistance.
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Counselling (Couple, Individual)
Counselling is offered for those who are encountering difficulties in their daily lives, both for couples and for individuals. For those who desire specialized assistance, a referral service is offered.
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Women's Groups (UCW)- Serendipity
The Serendipity group is a group of about 30 ladies who meet once a month from September to June to share an hour or so in Christian fellowship.
Throughout the season we have guest speakers who refresh and inform us, we plan events, socialize, and try to help out wherever and whenever the need may be.
Any monies we accrue are divided between Summerlea Church and various outreach facilities.
In the fall we are busy planning our Antique and Unique Room at the bazaar, which usually brings in around $2000.
During Advent our members plan and organize the Candlelight service, at which the offering is given to the Benevolent Fund.
We are always delighted to welcome new members to our group.
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Youth Programmes
Programmes for youth include the Communicants'class which meets each fall for those teens who wish to become members of the Summerlea community. The youths meet with the minister each Sunday morning before church to study religious concepts including the Christian beliefs. Those who decide to join the church are confirmed in the spring.
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Annual Bazaar
The bazaar is held each November as an outlet for the talents of the Summerlea community, a source of goodies for the local community, and a source of income for Summerlea benevolent activities.
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Crafts Fair
The Crafts Fair is held each April. As the name suggests, crafts created by members of the community are offered for sale to all who come. The proceeds are used for Summerlea benevolent activities.
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