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(Last updated 27-6-2020)



December:      The 2019 Christmas Choir
July 3:       The obituary of The Reverend Deane Moffat
March 29:   Following the events in New Zealand
March 12:   A Look Back at the joining f St. Andrew's Presbyterian with Summerlea United
                    and the journey to an Affirming Congregation
January 23:   Nancy Harvey at 101!


December 15:      Remembrance Day 2018 Remembered
June 16:        A Thank-You Note from Susan I.
April 28:        Update on The sposored Syrian Family
February 12:  Refugee family arrives!
February 18:  Outreach Sunday with Amal Elsana Alh’jooj


Candlelight Service
Christmas Carolling!
Tourtieres 2017
April 25: Octet Plus and a Concert for Refugees
April 16: Easter Sunday
April 9: Palm Sunday Reflection & Anthem
March5: Pancake Sunday (Posted 2017-03-27)
February 12: "Oh, I Will Praise the Lord" revisited. (Posted 2017-03-26)
Anniversary Dinner February 11
February 5: Service addressing the events in Quebec City


December 15: Candlelight Service 2016
December 10: Summerlea Goes Caroling
November 15: SRSC Soup Luncheon
June 16: The Blessing of the Animals
Affirming Sunday - A Special Service
Concert in Support of the Summerlea Refugee Coalition effort
Easter Sunday
Anniversary 2016
"Stonefield Stories" Book Launch (Sheila Hebert)


Caroling 2015
Candlelight Service 2015 - Words & Music
November 10: Taize worship comes to Summerlea
Heather and Pix visit Summerlea!
Meat Pies 2015
November 8: Remembrance Sunday
The Thanksgiving Tree (and a Happy Announcement)
Barbecue 2015
George has a Birthday!
April\May: Three Spring Initiatives by Outreach
April 5: Easter Sunday
April: Maundy Thursday, Seder Supper & Good Friday
March 22: Baptism of Kalia Bianca Jocelyne Madden
March 7: Elias-Axel Pettersson returns.
February 22: Pancakes & Baden-Powell
February 15: Baptism of Audrey Ann Lambert
February 7 -- Anniversary Dinner
January 4 -- A Cold Welcome

Three Spring Initiatives by Outreach
Easter Sunday
Maundy Thursday, Seder Supper & Good Friday
Baptism of Kalia Bianca Jocelyne Madden
Elias-Axel Pettersson returns.
Pancakes & Baden-Powell
February 15: Baptism of Audrey Ann Lambert
February 7 -- Anniversary Dinner
January 4 -- A Cold Welcome


Christmas Eve Communion Service
Remembrance Day and James Moffat
Meat Pies 2014 -- Finished!
Thanksgiving 2014
Baptism of Melanie Romagosa's Baby
Baptism of William Caporuscio and the Welcome Back BBQ
Gospel Concert with Union United Church
New Members Welcomed
Chamber Music Concert
Anniversary Dinner and Variety Show
The Sax Quartet & Soup Sunday

Christmas Eve
Candlelight Service 2013
Bazaar 2013
The Making of the Pies
Malice in the Palace
Father means "Pineapple!"
Dreyken Philippe Gary Madden
Easter Sunday
Outreach Sunday
Rock-a-Thon 2013
Pancake Breakfast/Baden-Powell Sunday
Anniversary Dinner and Concert

Christmas Eve
Caroling 2012
Candlelight Service
White Gift Sunday
Tourtieres 2012
Painting Bee in Acadia Hall
Auction Day!
Twenty-Five Years for George
U.T.C. Convocation at Summerlea
Farewell to the Lynns
St. Andrew's United Communion Servers 6 May 2012
Congratulations Gabrielle
Spring Craft Fair April 28, 2012
How Do Those Books Get There?
Earth Day 22 April 2012
Farewell to Rolanda Taylor 15 April 2012
Chamber Concert Spring 2012
Good Friday Walk 2012
Palm Sunday, with Union United Gospel Choir
Youth Rock-a-thon 2012
Baden Powell Service / Pancake Lunch 2012
Anniversary Dinner 2012
Soup Lunch

Summerlea Candlelight Service 2011
Lakeshore Concert Band Christmas Dessert Concert
Summerlea Christmas Pageant 2011
Octet Plus Christmas Concert at Summerlea
Lakeshore Saxophone Quartet at Summerlea
Cassandra's Spaghetti Supper
2011 Bazaar
2011 Pie Production
Isabelle & Joey Tie the Knot, Oct 1, 2011.
Welcome back bbq Sep 25, 2011.
New oil tank installed Aug 4, 2011.
Happy 75th to David Pryce
Congregational Meeting chez Scott 28 Jun 2011
Romagosa / Coughlin-Veronneau Wedding 25 Jun 2011
UCW Coffee Party June 2
Elias-Axel Petterson in concert
"Hurry On Down", May 1 & 4, 2011
Maundy Thursday Seder 21 April 2011
Spring Craft Fair 16 April 2011
Au revoir to Marjorie Walker 10 April 2011
Spring Breezes Concert 26 Mar 2011
Sargent Chisholm Wedding 26 Mar 2011
Youth Rockathon 2011
Barend Bieshiuvel Covenant with Trinity Anjou
Baden Powell / Pancake Sunday 2011
Anniversary Dinner 2011
Jeanne Moore 95th Birthday
Annual General Meeting 2011
Ron Hendley 95th Birthday

Lakeshore Concert Band Christmas Dessert Concert
Covenanting Service 2010
Summerlea Candle Light Service 2010
Summerlea White Gift Sunday 2010
Summerlea Bazaar 2010
Summerlea Sticky Buns 2010
Outreach Sunday with Jim Neal
Pie Production 2010
Stewardship Sunday with the Chens
Thanksgiving 2010
Meals on Wheels Annual Meeting / Lunch
Welcome Back BBQ 2010/09/19
Farewell Rev. Heather MacDougall 2010/06/20
Higgins Williams Wedding 2010/06/12
Summerlea Picnic 2010/06/13
Serendipity Lunch 2010/06/08
Rev. Heather Married 2010/05/31
Farewell Edna Lee 2010/06/06
Golden / Landry Baptism & Marriage
Guides setting up tent 2010/06/05
Ana & Samuel Troncoso Baptism 23 May 2010
Celebrate the Vision 2010
Earth Sunday with Chief Topleaf 2010
Spring Craft Fair 2010
Good Friday Walk 2010
Maundy Thursday Seder 2010
Concerto Della Donna at Summerlea
Summerlea Hundred Mile Lunch 2010
Summerlea Calls New Minister
2010 Youth Rockathon
Baden Powell Service / Pancake Lunch 2010
Annual General Meeting 2010
Anniversary Dinner 2010

Christmas Eve Family Service 2009
White Gift Sunday 2009
Octet Plus & Vic Vogel at Summerlea
Bazaar 2009
Welcome Back Mary Ellen
Congratulations Robbie Rodd
Outreach Sunday with Susan Palmai
Serendipity Lunch, Oct 2009
Meals on Wheels 40th Anniversary AGM
Welcome Back BBQ, 20 Sep 2009
Davey / Smith Wedding 1 August 2009
Farewell to Howard Clark 28 Jun 2009
Tracy/Patrick Wedding 27 Jun 2009
Summerlea Worship / Picnic 2009
New Members 7 Jun 2009
Elias-Axel Petterson in concert
Outreach Sunday / Mother's Day
"Celebrate the Vision"
Sandra d'Angelo in concert
Passover Seder 2009
Spring Craft Fair 2009
Summerlea Endorses Affirming Ministry
2009 I Wish I Knew How
2009 Pancake Lunch
2009 Youth Group Rock-A-Thon
Anniversary Dinner 2009
Composting / Recycling

Advent Choral Service 2008
Candle Light Service 2008
White Gift Sunday 2008
How does that crêche get there?
Topsy Turvy Sunday 2008
Bazaar 2008
Making Tourtières 2008
One Hundred Mile Lunch 2008
Apple Pie Making 2008
Welcome Back BBQ
Serendipity Welcome Back Lunch
Happy 90th Betty
Williams Twins Baptized July 27
M&O Hosts Bike Tour Lunch
They Make Music As Well
Pastry making in July 2008!
Worship Picnic 2008
St. Barnabas Bell Ringers
The Invitation, A Musical
Spring Craft Fair 2008
Good Friday Walk 2008
Maundy Thursday Seder 2008
Guffman 5 at Summerlea Mar 15
Paula Kline at Summerlea
Youth Group Rock-a-thon 2008
Anniversary Dinner & Show 2008
Pancake Luncheon 2008
Happy Birthday Nancy Harvey
Happy Birthday Iris Percy
The Williams Twins

Advent Choral Service 2007
Candle Light Service 2007
Bazaar 2007
Pie Making 2007
Barend Re-visited
Meals on Wheels AGM & Lunch
Lakeshore Concert Band at Summerlea
September Antiques Appraisal
September Community Lunch
St. Andrew's United 175th Anniversary
Welcome Back BBQ Sep 9
Happy 65th Deane
Thank You, Kate Miller
Thank You Gardeners
Meadowbrook & Bishop Whelan Graduations
Choir Party 2007
Picnic 2007
May Community Lunch
Susan Hosts Church Administrators May 28
Jeffrey Barlow Ordained May 26
Dzintra Erliha Piano Concert 2007
Family Sunday, May 13, 2007
Joybox, The Drama, May 6, 2007
Thanks to the Guides for the Daffodils
New Organ Installation, Concert, Dedication
April Community Lunch with Sinclair Harris
Spring Craft Fair 2007
Au revoir Jeff Barlow
Stained Glass Window Dedication 2007
Easter Family Service 2007
Easter Sunrise Service 2007
Maundy Thursday Seder 2007
Youth Rockathon 2007
Sunday School Pumpkin Carving
Scout / Pancake Sunday 2007
Flo Morris 100th Birthday Celebration Feb 24
West Island Saxophone Quartet Feb 18
Affirming Congregation Meeting Feb 13
Blair Marshall at January Seniors' Lunch
The Chancel Reborn!

Advent Carol Service 2006
White Gift Sunday 2006
Candlelight Service 2006
November Seniors' Community Lunch
Beaver Sleepover 2006
Bazaar 2006
Jan McConnell, "Grandmothers and AIDS"
October Seniors' Community Lunch
Meals on Wheels Lunch 2006
Ste. Geneviève United at Summerlea Oct 22
Pie making 2006
Bournes 60 years Married!
The Long and the Short of It
Macdonald / Maragoudakis Wedding 12 Aug
Corace / Scartozzi Wedding 12 Aug
Serendipity Year-End Lunch
Picnic 2006
Lakeshore Concert Band 10 June
UCW Coffee Party 8 June
Confirmation Sunday 4 June
Piano Recital May 28
Barend Biesheval Ordained May 27
Turner / Critchlow Wedding May 13
Octet Plus at Summerlea May 12
Garage / Book Sale 2006
UCW Life Memberships Awarded
"Oh Jonah!" April 29, 2006
"Oh Jonah!" April 23, 2006
Easter 2006
2006 Craft Fair
Lucy Richards Centenarian
Spring Bowling 11 Mar
Pancake Luncheon 5 Mar
Youth Group Rockathon Mar 4-5
Dzintra Erliha Piano Concert 28 Feb
Scout-Guide Sunday 26 Feb
Senior Housing Info 14 Feb
Anniversary Lunch 2006

Advent Choir Service 2005
Candlelight Service 2005
White Gift Sunday 2005
Welcome to Emmi Ricard
Beaver Sleepover 2005
West Island Saxophone Quartet 27 Nov
Bazaar 2005
Meghan Overbury - Young Achiever
Meals on Wheels Annual Lunch
2005 Fall Bowling Event
2005 Pie Making
2005 Festival of Faith
Tétreault / Cole Wedding Aug 21, 2005
Happy Birthday Grace Mick!
Tom Pavlasek - McGill Class of '44 Award
African Greeting June 26, 2005
Summerlea Picnic 2005
UCW Coffee Party June 9, 2005
UCC 80th and Adieu to Darryl
Happy Birthday Jean Harkness
Darryl Macdonald Ordained May 28, 2005
A Peace Candle from Surrey, BC
Watson / Havell Wedding May 7, 2005
Spring Bridge 2005
By the Sea
Spring Craft Fair 2005
Easter Sunday 2005
Maundy Thursday Seder 2005
Lucy Richards Celebrates Her 99th
Ricard / Bertolloti Wedding March 19
St. Andrew's Final Annual Meeting
Bowling 2005
Pancake Sunday 2005
St. Andrew's / Summerlea Covenanting Service
Dr. Joe Schwarcz, "You Are What You Eat"

'Twas the Week Before Christmas
Candlelight Service 2004
White Gift Sunday Dec 5, 2004
St. Andrew's Final Service Nov 28
Beavers Sleep-Over Nov 26
Bazaar 2004
Aeternal Ministries Nov 21, 2004
Anniversary Dinner 2004
Pie Making 2004
Meals on Wheels Lunch Oct 18 2004
UCW Awards Life Membership Pins May 8 2004
Meals on Wheels Walkathon May 15 2004
Susan in Hostess Role May 18, 2004
Guffman 5, May 15, 2004
Spring Bridge 2004
Congrats Bob and Norma
"On Jonah"
Happy Birthday Howard
Good Friday Walk 2004
Maundy Thursday Seder 2004
Spring Cabaret Evening 2004
Artisan Fair 2004
Pancake Sunday 2004

Advent Choir Service Dec. 14
Candle Light Service 2003
White Gift Sunday 2003
Bazaar 2003
Anniversary 2003
Pie-making 2003
MOW Annual Lunch Oct 6
Board Retreat Sep 13, 2003
Serendipity Year-End Lunch
Summerlea Picnic 2003
Montreal Presbytery May Mtg at Summerlea
Darryl Does It Again! (Spring 2003)
Topsy Turvy Sunday May 4 2003
Garage / Book Sale 2003
Easter Sunday 2003
Good Friday Walk 2003
Maundy Thursday Seder 2003
Spring Craft Fair 2003
Thanks to St. Andrew's for Just Desserts
Pancake Sunday 2003
Summerlea's Michaelangelo at Work
Annual Meeting 2002
Visit to Lakeside heights Baptist Church
Howard Clark Covenanting Service

Summerlea's Christmas Crêche
Angels in the Sanctuary!
50th Anniversary
Thanks to Visiting Pastors
Hats Off to Darryl Macdonald
How Many Summerlea Men...?
Welcome Ron Hendley & Joan Mccauley
Lucy Richards - Active Volunteer at 96!
Lois Winters

Thanks to the Osbornes!
Check the celebs!
Congrats Huntly & Nancy!
Congrats Richard & Ada!
Congrats Rhodes & Mary!
Who Has the Bear? Elizabeth Rodd!
Santa Visit 2001
Who's the Vet?
Special Guest Rev. Nikola Ilkich
Look Who's in Real Estate!
Ascension at Summerlea!
Betty Cole Honoured for Guide Activities
St. Andrews Proposal Approved

Nancy & Huntly Bourne 60th Bournes 60 years Married!
Congratulations to Nancy and Huntly Bourne who celebrated 60 years of marriage Thursday September 21.
Photo taken at church Sunday 17 September, 2006
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Betty Godin & Howard Clark The Long and the Short of It
Betty Godin and Howard Clark in discussion at coffee Sep.17, 2006
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Grace Mick 93rd Happy Birthday Grace Mick!

Congratulations to Grace Mick, who celebrated her 93rd birthday Sunday August 7, 2005. An announcement and Happy Birthday song at the morning church service helped to mark the occasion.

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Jean Harkness 92nd Happy Birthday Jean Harkness!

Jean Harkness, Summerlea's own Lavender Lady, celebrated her 92nd birthday on Sunday, May 29, 2005. A happy birthday song during the service and flowers afterward marked the occasion.

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50 Years Married! Congrats Bob and Norma Burley
Bob & Norma Burley
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Darryl Does It Again! (Spring 2003)
Darryl Macdonald Once again Darryl Macdonald has won the Rev. Ralph Watson Award for Denominational Studies at the United Theological College. Well done, Darryl!

Hats Off to Darryl Macdonald (Spring 2002)
As many of you know, Darryl has been studying at the United Theological College this year.

We are delighted to learn that he was feted recently during the College’s Service of Convocation and Thanksgiving. He was presented with the Rev. Ralph Watson Award for Denominational Studies and the Lydia McCullough Memorial Award for Church History as a result of being the top student in the class at UTC.

This represents a great deal of effort and insight Darryl, and we share the delight of you and your flock in these achievements. Well done!
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How Many Summerlea Men...
does it take to fix a spoon victimized by George's coffee?

George Provias, Kevin McKenzie & Tim Mackin
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Lois Winters
Lois Winters celebrated her 90th birthday in February, 2002.
She passed away June 16, 2002
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Check the celebs!
Page D1 of the Montreal Gazette, Monday, January 7, 2002, features a large colour photo of Summerlea's own favourite twosome at the candlelight service, with associated article.
Deane & Doreen at the Candlelight Service
Gazette Photo by Marcus Townsend

Deane & Doreen

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55 Years Married! Congrats Huntly & Nancy Bourne!
Huntly & Nancy Bourne
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50 Years Married! Congrats Richard & Ada Carey
Richard & Ad Carey
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50 Years Married! Congrats Rhodes & Mary Oulton!
Rhodes & Mary Oulton
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Who's the Vet?
Jack Hill As has become our custom, Jack Hill read the Remembrance poems at the Remembrance Service Sunday, Nov. 11, 2001. During the service, Rev. Deane read a letter written by Jack to Muriel during WWII. The letter can be viewed at "I Will Come Back to You" on the "Thoughts" page.
Jack passed away in September 2006.
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Rev Nikola Ilkich Special Guest Rev. Nikola Ilkich
Sunday, June 17, 2001, Summerlea was honoured by a visit from Rev. Nikola Ilkich, who baptised his grandson Justinijan in the Orthodox tradition.
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Victor White Look Who's in Real Estate!

For Victor White, stalwart member of the Summerlea choir, June 30, 2001 marks retirement from a 32 year teaching career with the PSBGM / EMSB and the start of a new career as an Affiliated Real Estate Agent with Sutton-Royal, Inc.

Victor came to Canada in 1967 from Barbados, where he had been a teacher for five years. In Canada, he started his teaching career at the Shawbridge Boys' School, then to Chomedy High School, and finally to John Grant High School in Lachine, where he has taught for many years.

Victor has recently completed his Affiliated Real Estate Agent course and is looking forward to the challenge of this new career. If you're in the market for a real estate transaction, you can reach him through Sutton-Royal at 514-421-7888, or at home at 514-685-5702.

Good luck to you Victor, from all of us at Summerlea.
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Ascension at Summerlea!
Friday, May 18, 2001, marked the opening of Summerlea's new elevator to the upper floor, which is used for offices of the Montreal and Ottawa Conference. The elevator provides access for those who are unable to negotiate the stairs.

The inaugural ascension was undertaken by Rev. Gail Christy, President of the Conference, with Summerlea's Property and Maintenance chairman Kevin McKenzie at the controls. Rev. Christy had previously been unable to reach her second floor office. Said Kevin "Her smile was worth a million bucks", and this is borne out by a photo in the West Island section of the Montreal Gazette, May 24, 2001.

At church the following Sunday (May 20), Deane announced the new facility and offered the congregation the opportunity to experience it at the nominal cost of two dollars per ascent (ten dollars to come back down). Some folks thought he was joking!

Congratulations to the Property and Maintenance Committee on completion of this rather involved and very worthwhile project.
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Betty Cole Honoured for Guide Activities
Summerlea member Betty Cole recently received the Fortitude Award from the National Council of the Girl Guides of Canada. Betty first joined the Guides in England at age 12. During her 35 years of service in the Guides movement in Canada, Betty has been a brown Owl, a guide leader and camp adviser for the district, and a historian. Her three daughters and seven grand children have all participated in the Guide and Scout movements.

Betty recently celebrated her 70th birthday and is now battling Huntington's chorea. This causes her some difficulty in speaking and she uses a wheel chair, but she still attends regular Guide meetings.

An article in the West Island section of the Montreal Gazette, Thursday, May 24, 2001 is accompanied by a photo of Betty with proud grand daughters Holly Adams, Michelle McKenzie and Cassandra McKenzie.

Congratulations to Betty and to the fine family that surrounds her.
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Congregation Approves St. Andrews Proposal
Ed note: The proposal below preceded the amalgamation of the St. Andrew's Presbyterian congregation with the Summerlea congregation in January 2005, retaining the name Summerlea United.

At the congregational meeting that followed the Sunday service and lunch April 22, 2001, the participants approved by an 86 % majority a proposal to extend the following offer to the St. Andrew's Presbyterian congregation, who will be closing the doors of their church for the last time at the end of May.

"The Summerlea Consultation Committee recommend the following:
- that the presbyterian congregation be invited to share space at Summerlea United under the following guidelines:

a) Each respective congregation meets to worship at separate times. Service times need to be negotiated, but we suggest that the congregations meet at consecutive times on Sunday mornings:
- Summerlea worship: 10:00 AM
- Combined United - Presbyterian coffee hour: 11:00 AM
- Presbyterian worship: 11:30 AM

b) The programs of each congregation remain separate.

c) Committees (except the Outreach Committee) remain intact in the form they are currently operated. There will be a combined United / Presbyterian Outreach Committee.

d) A Liaison Committee be established to deal with issues regarding the use of the building and other areas where it makes sense to cooperate.

e) The degree and kind of support that the Presbyterian Congregation contributes toward the cost of operation of the building and facilities are to be negotiated.

f) The Presbyterian Congregation will be designated (on a consultative basis) space for worship, meetings, office and storage.

g) This agreement can be terminated with adequate notice and it will be evaluated within one year."

Although Summerlea United church was, in fact, Presbyterian for the first 23 years of its existence, there remains a desire by both congregations to retain a degree of autonomy, as expressed by some of those present. Others felt that the offer is too restrictive. The committee members, having held discussions with representatives of both congregations, believe that this proposal is the best compromise starting point, with hopes for greater collaboration in the future.
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