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The News as of September 2017

News of the family of six we are matched with.

    As you may remember Bilal ( Salman's brother and family) was waiting for his medical forms in order to proceed with his receipt of the families' Visa and tickets to come to Canada. They received the medical forms on August 30th. These forms must be completed by a Panel Physician (a medical doctor that the Embassy recommends on their list). Bilal has an appointment for his family on Monday September 11th. It will cost $1500.00 (!!) to have these examinations. Fortunately our Refugee Coalition had recently sent the funds of $1700.00 we raised from various concert to Bilal.

    We have been in contact with Moya, the assistant for Francis Scarpalegia, and she spoke with her contact in the Canadian government about Bilal's file. She was told that as soon as the medicals were complete the results would be posted to the Canadian Embassy in Riyadh. Then the final security checks will begin at the Canadian regional office in Abu Dhabi. This should take about 6 months. Then they will need visas and ticket to be issued for their flight to Montreal. One step closer but still at least several months from an airport welcome.

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